Telraam Outdoor

Fully autonomous Telraam S2 for outdoor deployment

Do you want to install a Telraam device to count traffic in your street, but the view is blocked by that damn tree? Obviously, you don't want to cut down the tree, but you do want to count traffic, so for you, it'd be best to have a Telraam actually outside, maybe attached to the tree.

You're not the only one and we've heard your call. To address this need, we have embarked on a new development journey to develop an autonomous Telraam S2 device which you can install outdoors. We want to keep the simplicity of installation, so don't mess with power cables or wifi connections, so our approach is to fit our existing S2 device in a safe enclosure and combine it with a small solar panel and internal battery. Because our device consumes very little power, we expect to get by with a small solar panel & battery.

Design & development

2023 Q2-Q3

2023 Q4 - 2024 Q1

Limited deployment in 2 pilot projects

In co-operation with EiT and Provincie Vlaams Brabant

From prototype to market ready

2024 Q1-Q2


Is there a difference between the regular S2 and this outdoor device?

Not really. The device will work in the same way as the normal S2 for indoor use. It will use the same software to detect traffic, so the same requirements in terms location apply

What will the cost be?

We don't know yet. Obviously adding a solar panel, battery, enclosure and mounting mechanism, and more complex assembly will add to the cost. Expect an additional cost of several 100€s

Is the device fully power independent?

Almost. You can get 100% full autonomy with a large solar panel + battery, but there's a sensible trade-off between size of battery and solar panel and the cost. We're trying to find the right balance during the prototype phase.