Junior Cloud DevOps Engineer

Your mission & key responsibilities, should you choose to accept it:

  • Maintenance of the backend of Telraam in AWS (multiple production and testing databases, API Gateways, backups, scheduled and conditional services, security, load management, etc.)
  • Manage, prepare, and schedule software updates of the backend (Postgres, python versions, layers, and libraries, etc…)
  • Development and deployment of proprietary edge-device firmware updates (C++)
  • Proactively search, develop, and implement incremental improvements to the AWS backend as well as the device firmware


  • At least bachelor ICT - Recent graduates are encouraged to apply!
  • Eager to learn how to operate/maintain cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS,...). Any prior experience with cloud infrastructure, in particular AWS, is a bonus.
  • You have programming in your DNA: Knowledge of Python is essential. Knowledge of programming in the Zephyr framework and C++ is a big plus (embedded software).
  • You are comfortable operating in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Report to data scientist
  • Minimal fluent in NL or EN

What’s in it for you?

  • Full-time (flexible)
  • Opportunity to premium training courses (e.g. cloud infrastructure operations by AWS)
  • You will be part of an exciting, visible and impactful start-up
  • The opportunity to grow and help shape the direction of the start-up
  • A positive and open company culture
  • A competitive salary and benefits package
  • Flexible working hours and ample opportunity to work from home

Director of International Growth

Currently Telraam has about 2000 devices active, mostly in Belgium and to a lesser extent in the Netherlands. Telraam is getting more and more attention internationally and outside of our home market, we are gradually growing. To further develop our international growth, we are looking for a senior profile to shape and implement our international growth strategy.

Your mission & key responsibilities, should you choose to accept it:

  • Along with Telraam’s founders & board, set the international expansion roadmap based on the sales strategy;
  • Implement and steer Telraam’s international growth strategy to sustain growth in various geographic regions with an initial focus on Europe (outside Belgium);
  • Build and lead the international Telraam sales team;
  • Analyze, monitor and report on key drivers impacting top and bottom line performance;
  • Improve sales performance and create an efficient sales “machine” to manage and convert leads
  • Present regular updates to Telraam’s founders & board;
  • Identify strategic, key and long term opportunities;
  • Shape the international public profile of Telraam and coordinate with marketing needs;
  • Be able to go from “scout to scale” and actually start things up.

Your profile

  • Cultural fit: you firmly believe in the value of citizen science, traffic liveability and open data;
  • Experience in developing and implementation of international sales strategies, preferably in an IoT and/or SaaS environment;
  • A team leader but you also enjoy to do sales calls yourself or demo our software at a conference;
  • You function in a comfortable way in a fast-paced, dynamic start-up environment;
  • Strong interpersonal skills capable of networking both internally and externally fostering long-lasting relationships for the business;
  • Multi-linguistic is an asset (English, French and Dutch);
  • Eager to travel abroad;
  • Experience with public procurement is a plus.

What’s in it for you?

  • Full-time (flexible);
  • You will be part of an exciting, visible and impactful start-up;
  • The opportunity to grow and help shape the direction of the start-up;
  • A positive and open company culture;
  • A competitive salary and benefits package;
  • Flexible working hours and ample opportunity to work from home.

Office manager

Bij Telraam willen we burgers én lokale besturen bij elkaar brengen. Dit door ondersteuning te bieden bij het uitrollen van lokale netwerken van onze sensoren voor het automatisch tellen van verkeersgegevens door burgers in samenwerking met de lokale overheden. Ter ondersteuning van het team (8 personen) zijn wij op zoek naar een allround administratieve freelancer voor +/- 2 dagen per week voor snelle opstart.


Als office manager bij Telraam kom je terecht in een multidisciplinair team. Het is jouw taak om de organisatie te ondersteunen op verschillende fronten.
Een greep uit je takenpakket:

Office management:
  • Verwerken inkomende post
  • Bestellen kantoormateriaal
  • Organiseren van bedrijfsuitjes
  • Travel management
  • Administratie mbt openbare aanbestedingen

  • Opmaken verkoopfacturen + debiteurenbeheer
  • Verwerken inkoopfacturen

  • Algemene personeelsadministratie & HR beleid

  • Ondersteuning supply chain van onze sensoren
  • Verpakken en verzenden van pakjes

Deze taken kunnen in de loop van de tijd verder uitgebreid worden.


  • Tweetalig in Engels en Nederlands is een vereiste; Frans is een plus.
  • Je hebt organisatietalent en een sterke zelfdiscipline
  • Je bent assertief en hanteert een open communicatie, intern en extern
  • Je functioneert goed in een snel veranderende, dynamische start-up omgeving
  • Je woont in de omgeving van Leuven

20 nov 2023