About us

A story of traffic engineering and citizen science getting married


Telraam is the brainchild of two organisations based in Leuven (BE): Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML), a traffic engineering consultancy, and Mobiel21, an NGO focussing on citizen participation in the field of mobility.

Seeing how citizens science projects have been succesful to collect valuable data in collaboration with citizens in other fields like air quality data, we thought: we should be able to do the same with traffic counting data! And so, in 2019 we embarked on our journey to first develop a simple sensor and later in 2023 a purpose built sensor for collecting traffic counting data, together with citizens.


Our mission at Telraam is to become an ever growing international platform that empowers and educates citizens to become the future technicians and traffic engineers of their communities, who can bring local knowledge to the table, and become a driving force in conversations and debates on urban mobility policies that affect their neighborhoods.

We want to provide affordable solutions to connect citizens and their local governments, and facilitate the shift towards a more human-focused, multimodal traffic culture.

Coming from a traffic engineering background, we know traffic counting data. We breathe traffic counting data. We understand what type of data can be valuable for professionals. Are you a mobility professional; a non-profit organization, a traffic engineering or consultancy firm, a transport agency, or a local government?

Are you looking for affordable, multimodal traffic monitoring solutions for your projects that can be deployed on a large number of locations? Then Telraam is the right place for you!

In the press

"Data Democracy: Cheap Home-Mounted Sensor Counts All Road Users Not Just Motorists"
"This European startup is installing 50 traffic-counting sensors across San Francisco"
"AI traffic counter enables citizen science data projects"
"Europe-wide traffic survey to recruit citizen scientists"


Ana Luiza Marques

International Growth

Ana's mission is to introduce the world to Telraam's potential and make sustainable mobility a global reality. Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, she's always up for a friendly chat about cultures, cuisines, or scaling SaaS businesses. In her free time, you'll find her on the yoga mat, dance floor, or getting creative in the kitchen!

Dave Driesmans

Co-founder and web development

Likes to have design, development and a bit of strategy all mixed in his work. Enjoys art, music and a bit of crazyness. Plays outdoor football till his knees really give it up.

Elke Verhoeven

Support, documentation and processes

Introducing Elke Verhoeven, Telraam's organizational guru, mastering support, operations, and a splash of product management. Off-duty, she's a water-loving enthusiast, sailing, supping, and swimming her way through life! 🌊🚤🌼

Kris Vanherle

Co-founder and do-it-all

A citizen scientist on a mission to create a durable business model for this "little project" and small-time investor after hours. Always looking for new idea's. Trying to lead this bunch of unguided rockets of a team (love you guys!). Generally likes data and likes to play a bit of chess when there's time.

Laurens Vander Kuylen

Workshop-hero and sales

Working at Telraam's front of the house, he supports future clients in finding tailored solutions for their use case. This while maintaining contact with the end-users. This polyglot helps you setting up projects in dutch, english, french and german. When not in the office you can find Laurens in his running shoes or in the kitchen, as an enthousiast amateur chef.

Luc Segers

Embedded software engineer

Started working on embedded systems 20+ years ago and since then loves to play around with hardware, debuggers, logic analyzer, IoT, Zephyr RTOS etc. After work, he regularly goes to watch his sons play football, tries to do some sports himself, and experiments with home automation and 3D printing.

Péter I. Pápics

Data-analytics and development

Peter has a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics (KU Leuven), and 5 years of experience in working with transport related data. After work he is a road cyclist, a private pilot, or a bass player. YNWA!

Wouter Florizoone

Project & business development manager

Tries to turn interest & enthusiasm for Telraam into concrete projects and business. Spokesperson and hispanoparlante. Has a barrel of local commitments in Leuven during off-peak hours. Doer above all!

Rob McIntosh

Community success manager

Community-driven communicator, trying to make change happen by bringing people together. Has plenty of wine stories, and outside of work is usually found in the garden, working on bonsai trees.